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A Child’s room is its most important playground!

It is imperative that our children grow up in safety and surrounded by furniture that stimulate their creativity.

Let your imagination run wild and see our offer of children's beds and furniture. They are tried and tested. Choose from a wide range of designs and colors.

The company was established in 2002. We have been producing children's beds, feeding stools, cabinets, changing tables and other furniture for children's rooms ever since. By today we became to be one of the leaders in the children’s furniture production market in the Balkan region. Through wide range of products and high quality services we fulfill the unique furniture needs of both baby’s and older children. We make both functional and fun furniture providing comfort and security for its smallest customers.

So becomes every child's bedroom furniture a special and a unique one.

A lot of effort is being put into the production of high quality furniture not unlike our competitors in the international market. The quality of our products confirm to the application requirements and meet the standards required to manufacture and sell our goods in the domestic and foreign market. A fundamental principle in the production of furniture in Bambino is that each employee performs its job with care and enthusiasm as if they make furniture for themselves.

Headquarters of Bambino is located in Subotica where the manufacture and wholesale takes place. We employ over 30 people with various skills including carpenters, painters, finishers, packers and other auxiliary work force. Their expertise and experience is the engine that has driven the successful production for many years now. Through innovative solutions we strive to raise the standards of our products and to improve the working conditions of our employees. We believe that our knowledge, combined with the experience gained over the past few years allows us to produce better and more convenient furniture. We support open product feedback both within the company between employees and with our partners as well. The ability and competence of the leaders of the company enabled the constant growth and improvement of production processes which are enforced by constant investment in the development.

All Bambino furniture meet current safety standards. The production program of children's beds and other furniture for their technical and technological features meets the most stringent quality standards and has the appropriate certificates issued by the Faculty of Forestry - University of Belgrade as well as from furniture quality control EMI-TÜV/SÜD Ltd Budapest. SRPS EN 1130; SRPS D.E2.105; D.E2.105/1; SRPS D.E2.103; D.E2.103/1; EN 716-1:2008 + A1:2013; EN 45011:1999; EN 12221-1:2008; EN 14988-1:2006+A1:2013; EN 14988-2:2006+A1:2013.

We are committed to quality, safety and durability, which can be seen in the usage of high quality materials, which is why our products are easy to assemble and maintain. In preparing the beds and furniture, only user friendly child safe polyurethane paints are being used that have been tested for the presence of heavy metals and conform to EN 71 / 3 standards. Depending on the model, cribs are made of hard dried beech in conjunction with pressed wood products like mediapan (MDF) sheets. The type of materials used and the applied expertise of the employees in the company results in products that are completely safe and have impeccable quality.