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Terms and conditions of sale

General terms


  1. To give you a better information about ordering goods through our site, and the purpose of your convenience on our website we have created these Terms of the purchase and use of web shop. It is necessary to mark that you agree with  these Terms of purchase and notices that are in it.
  2. Upon receipt of your order via the website,Worker our call center will contact you, in order to perform the confirmation by telephone. Also, the e-mail you send us during registration, ie. order you will receive a confirmation of your order.
  3. After the completion of online orders Bambino is obliged to hand over the goods to the Buyer so that the buyer becomes the owner while the buyer undertakes to pay the price for that specified in the purchase order and the goods.
  4. After confirmation of the order by the customer, the order is irrevocable.
  5. The seller is obligated to deliver the ordered products within the legally correct and the anticipated deadline.
  6. In case of any changes the seller is obliged to notify the customer throug telephone order confirmation.
  7. Any change, except change related to delivery are not based on confirmed orders.
  8. The customer can order and pay for goods and stagnate at a third party,whereby the Seller shall not be liable for any possible non-acceptance of gifts from third parties.

Delivery of goods

  1. Delivery on the territory of Serbia is free.Method of delivery of the goods is determined exclusively by filling orders where the customer chooses one of the possible options of purchase.
  2. Delivery on the territory of Serbia is carried out by courier.For all orders the immediate territory of Subotica, Bambino. performs free delivery to the front door.
  3. The practice of our company that delivers the ordered goods, in accordance with the customer within 1 to 5 working days,depending on the available quantity of a particular item.If for any reason need a longer period for delivery of the goods,  you will be notified during telephone conversation with our employees in the confirmation of purchase.
  4. Deliveries are not made on Sundays.
  5. The obligation of the buyer is that when accepting the goods by courier services and goods purchased before takeower, check the edge of possible physical damage that may arise in transport and immediately react with the courier and do not take damaged goods.If the buyer receives the order, will mean that the goods have arrived undamaged.If the buyer refuses to accept goods that are considered to be physically damaged, in this case commit ourselves to re-submit the order.
  6. Restrictions of delivery: Delivery of goods is carried out exclusively within the territory of the Republic of Serbia. Delivery outside the territory of Serbia is not possible.
  7. The following products are not able to carry out the delivery because the goods are fragile Wardrobes, cabinets, drawers, Maxi Beds, Hella bed.These items supplied by your own vehicle, only the territory of Subotica and some major cities in the country.
  8. If the combination of circumstances I am unable to carry out the delivery of one of the ordered items commit ourselves to notify you within 1 business day.
  9. The buyer is responsible for any damage by failing to take the ordered goods.The damage can include the cost of storing, repackaging, return of goods, etc,and damages that may arise due to keeping, repackaging, return the goods.

Quality Guarantee

  1. For all products, which is the technical edge apply the rules provided for in the Law on Consumer Protection of conformity.
  2. Bambino. agrees to send new and non damaged, factory-packaged products. All products are manufactured in the factory children's furniture Bambino.
  3. The provider of the contract of conformity or warranty,in due time,at his own expense provide troubleshooting and product defects arising from discrepancies with actual prescribed or declared characteristics the quality of the products. In the case of non-fulfillment of this obligation, the guarantor will replace the product with new or return the money.
  4. The warranty period begins on the day of the sale, which is entered in the warranty card and stamped the seal and signature of the authorized dealer.
  5. The buyer loses the right to warranty if the defect cause of failure to follow the instructions given for use if the product has carried out any repairs by unauthorized persons.
  6. In order to avoid misunderstandings,on delivery duty of the seller and the buyer has to examine the product and to point to possible mechanical damage, in which case the product will be replaced.

Resolving reclamations

  1. The complaint to the functional safety of products may, depending on the time of appearance of the defect in the functioning of products, categorized into one of the following categories:
  • The complaint to the functional safety of products within the warranty period.The complaint shall be submitted by mail to the address you yourself try to remove the damage, or send the product to a different address which is not indicated on the warranty, the product loses its guarantee.Physically damaged components are not subject to warranty.
  • Returned goods must be in its original packaging, unused and undamaged.Optionally, you can substitute the verge of a new or refund.

       2.To be eligible to claim it is necessary to:

  • Filing a complaint letter of complaint sent by e mail:
  • After that, you will be invited by our service center after which they will be carried out complaints.Within 3 days you will receive a response to your complaint with the proposed solving.After your approval, solve the problem of conformity of products in the fastest and most efficient manner, not later than the legally prescribed period of 30 days.

 Return of goods and money

Returns of goods used exclusively in the event of complaints due to malfunction or damage of goods,or for the purpose of servicing the same and can not be made for other purposes.In the event that the customer used the product, and after a certain time is not satisfied ie. expect a lot more than the ordered product - a refund, replacement or refund of the same product can not be shipped.

  1. If the error Bambino-invoiced goods that a customer is not ordered, the deadline for starting the procedure of returning the goods is 24 hours from the time of receipt of goods.
  2. If the customer is invoiced defective goods, the deadline for the beginning of the return of goods procedure is 24 hours from the time of receipt of goods.

Withdrawal of purchase

  1.  The buyer has the right to give up shopping, without having to state the reasons, within 14 days from the date when the goods arrived in the possession of the Buyer or a person authorized by him for the receipt of goods.
  2. The customer is familiar with the obligation to provide a statement of withdrawal from the contract must be submitted in written or electronic form, form for the withdrawal of the purchase which is provided Bambino Buyer to take on this website,ie. to send the completed form to the address on the form.
  3. In case of withdrawal from the purchase, the buyer is obliged to send back the goods received to the seller within 14 days of the announcement of the declaration of withdrawal,no other obligations on the decision, except for the cost of our return.The buyer is obliged to return the unused goods in the original packaging with all supporting documentation.
  4. In the case of goods which is bulkier and unsuitable for return by post, the buyer is obliged to organize vraćanjerobe by kururske service that can guarantee that the goods will be returned without any damage.
  5.  Bambino Buyer shall return the received money without investment, and at the latest within 14 days of receipt of the Form for cancellation of the purchase, transfer, nabankovni expense of the Buyer.The buyer is obliged to Form for cancellation of purchase indicating the bank account number to which he wants to be the price of the goods returned.Bambino can delay the return of the funds until it receives the goods being returned,except where the Bambino I offered to take the goods.Taking back the returned goods, Bambino notes that the product is not damaged.If it finds that a product is damaged or defective for reasons that can be entered in the guilt of the Buyer,suspend reimbursement rates and the goods to the Customer at his expense.
  6. The buyer is not entitled to withdraw from the purchase as provided for in Article 37 of the Law on Consumer Protection.

 Acceptance of approval

  • Terms of the purchase is confirmed that the Bambino informed the customer about:
  • main characteristics of the goods contained in the product description on our website,
  • business name, identification number, address, and phone number of seats,
  •  sale price and any additional postage costs and costs of transport and delivery, as well as about the possibility that these costs at the expense of the Buyer betting,
  • method of payment, and delivery mode, manner of execution of other obligations specified in the Terms of purchase
  • the existence of legal liability for non-conformity of the goods or services contract,
  •  the manner of filing complaints, especially about the place and manner of receipt of treatment Bambino by them, as well as conditions relating to the exercise of the rights of consumers on the basis of conformity,
  • availability of spare parts, connection devices and similar parts, technical service, and maintenance and repairs during and after the period in which termination shall be liable for lack of conformity of the contract or after the termination of production.
  • availability of spare parts, connection devices and similar parts, technical service, about the existence and the conditions of after-sales service and guarantees.
  • the existence and terms of after-sales services and guarantees.
  • e-mail address of the trader on whose behalf acts to which the consumer may declare the complaint;
  • cost of using means of distance communication for the conclusion of the contract when that cost is calculated on the basis other than the basic tariff;
  • the conditions, time limit and procedures for exercising the right to withdraw from the contract in accordance with Article 28 of the Law on Consumer Protection.